Underpaid workers need child care

Dorinda Thames works at Burger King in Hartford. On low fast-food wages, she struggles to find child care for her 9-year-old son, Keshaunt. She’s in the Fight for $15 for her son, like so many other parents in this movement. This is her story.

Dorinda’s story:

I’m a single parent raising my son Keshaunt who is 9. I work at Burger King, and I’m on call, as needed. I clean the bathrooms, and sometimes I have to pick up dirty needles and coke bags. I make just $9.15 an hour.

Kesahunt’s father passed away, and he was my financial support system. Right now, it’s just me supporting Keshaunt. I need child care for my son when I go to work. I don’t have that right now and it’s scary. I have to hope my boyfriend can watch him or that I can leave him with my oldest daughter. I really need child care or an after school program while I’m at work.

Listen to her story: