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Whitmer and Democrats hit Detroit Labor Day events, hear about worker struggles
Michigan Radio, 9/03/2018

20,000 preschool teachers just got offered a free education
MarketWatch, 7/29/2018

Why Is Day Care So Expensive? Parents, Legislators and Child Care Providers Weigh In
What To Expect, 12/7/2017

Readers Speak Out on Goals and Challenges of Women Today
New York Times, 10/10/2017

How to Fix America’s Childcare Crisis
The Nation, 9/19/2017

Childcare Is More Expensive Than College, And These Parents Are Feeling The Effects
Mitu, 9/14/2017

Dems offer alternative to Trump administration’s child care proposal
The Hill, 9/14/2017

Dems try to outflank Ivanka with child care bill
Politico, 9/13/2017

Local teacher appeals for support
New Britain Herald, 9/3/2017

Childcare Providers Are Fighting For Their Livelihoods And A Seat At The Table
Mitu, 9/3/2017

Equal Pay Day was April 4 — for mothers, it’s May 23
Mic, 5/23/2017

Donald Trump’s Child Care Plan Won’t Work for Working Families
Women’s eNews, 5/18/2017

The Women Ivanka Ignores
U.S. News and World Report, 5/2/2017

Do Preschool Teachers Really Need to Be College Graduates?
New York Times, 4/7/2017

Child Care Quality Matters Just As Much As Affordability, But Trump’s Plan Ignores It
Romper, April 2017

Trump’s Childcare Plan Will Only Help the Rich
The Nation, 3/14/2017

Invest early in America’s children: George Miller and Rick Santorum
USA Today, 1/16/2017

Child Care Is Critical
U.S. News & World Report, 1/12/2017

It’s more expensive than ever to raise a child in the U.S.
Washington Post, 1/10/2017

In Germany, Parents Can Sue the Government for Failing to Provide Child Care
The Atlantic, 1/10/2017

Affordable child care shouldn’t be just for the wealthy
Seattle Times, 1/8/2017

Children, parents, U.S. suffer because quality, affordable child care is lacking
Washington Post, 1/5/2017

Why 25% of the working women in America are struggling financially
MarketWatch, 12/1/2016

‘Just to Keep Food on the Table Is Difficult’: Why These Hard-Working Women Joined ‘Fight for $15’ Protests
Yahoo News, 11/30/2016

Election’s over, but working class still seeks living wage
Charlotte Observer, 11/27/2016

Victories on Minimum Wage and Child Care Went Unnoticed After Election Day
The Nation, 11/23/2016

Child Care Fight for $15 Asks Candidates to Focus on Raising Wages for Early Educators
Education World, 10/26/2016

Why I Joined Hundreds Of Child Care Workers Protesting The Presidential Debate
Huffington Post, 10/12/2016

The inspirational journey of one child care worker and her Fight for $15.
Upworthy, 9/20/2016

Capitol protesters demand $15 minimum wage
Michigan Radio (NPR), 9/12/2016

Protesters at Nevada Capitol demand $15 minimum wage
NBC4 – Reno, NV, 9/12/2016

They pour their hearts into caring for others, but many can barely support their families.
Upworthy, 9/9/2016

Study Shows Racial Pay Gaps Among Early Childhood Educators
Wall Street Journal, 8/26/2016

Why are early childhood educators struggling to make ends meet?
PBS NewsHour, 8/16/2016

Talking The Fight For $15 To The Old Confederacy
ThinkProgress, 8/16/2016

Thousands march on Monument for $15 minimum wage
WTVR-TV, 8/13/2016

Thousands turn out for Fight for $15 rally
WRIC-TV, 8/13/2016

Half of America’s childcare workers need food stamps, welfare payments or Medicaid
Washington Post, 7/11/2016

These lowest paid workers have a most important job
CBS Moneywatch, 7/8/2016

Low pay, outdated ideas about field hurt early childhood educators: report
Chicago Tribune, 7/7/2016

Can America’s working families afford to have kids?
CBS Moneywatch, 7/6/2016

Inequality Is Even Seeping Into Preschool Classrooms
The Nation, 6/24/2016

Boost Minimum Wage and Babies Benefit: Study
U.S. News, 6/16/2016

How Soaring Child Care Costs Hurt Working Families
International Business Times, 6/14/2016

White House Spotlights Wage Gap for Child-Care Workers
Education Week, 6/14/2016

Preschool Teachers Earn Less Than Tree Trimmers
The Atlantic, 6/14/2016

The Families That Can’t Afford Summer
The New York Times, 6/4/2016

Hundreds protest in downpour at shut McDonald’s headquarters
Reuters, 5/26/2016

As work schedules become flexible, so do options for childcare
Miami Herald, 5/21/2016

Hillary Clinton: Child care now costs more than rent. Here’s how to fix this crisis.
The Washington Post, 5/20/2016

It Takes a Policy
The New York Times, 5/16/2016

The enormous ambition of Hillary Clinton’s child-care plan
The Washington Post, 5/12/2016

After Big Winds, Fight for $15 Organizers Widen the Agenda
WeNews, 4/20/2016

Why Black Lives Matter and Fight for 15 are Protesting Side-By-Side
ThinkProgress, 4/14/2016

Fight for $15 protesters across US demand living wage in day of action
The Guardian, 4/14/2016

Why I’m Joining the Fight for $15; A Child care worker to march in a global day of protest
Medium, 4/14/2016

Minimum Wage Workers Stage Daylong ‘Fight for $15’
CBS 2/Chicago, 4/14/2016

Fight for $15 protest hits McDonald’s on I-Drive
Orlando Sentinel, 4/14/2016

Fight for 15 Now Includes Child Care, Home Care Workers
WNPR (CT), 4/14/2016

Child care workers are in the Fight for 15
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4/11/2016

Wage-hike fight heads to State House
Boston Herald, 4/10/2016

Childcare workers demand higher wages, affordable child care (VIDEO)
WFSB/CBS 3 (CT), 4/7/2016

Rally to Raise Pay for Child Care Workers in San Jose (VIDEO)
ABC 7, 4/7/2016

Why this 30-year-old preschool teacher is joining the fight for $15 an hour (VIDEO)
Fusion, 3/21/2016

Protesters Fight For $15 Outside of GOP Debate in Miami
Huffington Post, 3/11/2016

The GOP’s Demographic Demise Was On Full Display At The Miami Debate
ThinkProgress, 3/11/2016

‘Fight for $15’ Group Rallies Near GOP Debate Hall
ABC News, 3/10/2016

Protesters Fight for $15 Outside of GOP Debate in Miami
CBS Miami, 3/10/2016

Connecticut needs to support quality child care, better pay for child-care workers
CT Viewpoints, 2/25/2016

Kansas City Child Care Workers Provide Essential Services For Low Wages
KCUR 89.3, 2/18/2016

Hearing held on affordable child care, higher worker pay
KTNV/ABC3, 2/17/2016

‘Fight for $15’ protests are Republican Debate: ‘We can’t afford essentials’
CNN Money, 2/13/2016

Parents, Workers Rally for Child Care Wages and Affordability
Capitol News Service, 2/12/2016

Fast food workers demand $15 an hour
Concord Monitor, 2/7/2016

SC Raising Wages Summit comes to Charleston
WCBD/NBC2, 2/6/2016

NH fast food workers to stage protest before debate
Boston Globe, 2/5/2016

Dems push 25B boost for childcare programs
The Hill, 2/4/2016

The Fight for 15 in Iowa
The Nation, 2/1/2016

These Workers Want To Change Republican Candidates’ Minds On The Minimum Wage
ThinkProgress, 1/28/2016

Iowa Fast-Food Workers Seeking $15 Wage to Strike Ahead of Republican Debate
Bloomberg, 1/27/2016

A Surprising Number of America’s Mayors Support $15 Minimum Wage
Politico, 1/25/2016

Fast-Food Workers Plan Wave of Strikes for 2016 Primaries
Truthout, 1/19/2016

Parents, child-care workers ask state to boost support for child care
New Haven Register, 1/18/2016

Mitt Romney: “I think we’re nuts not to raise the minimum wage”
Vox, 1/15/2016

Minimum wage-earners to 2016 candidates: ‘Come get our vote’
The Guardian, 1/15/2016

The call for affordable child care and increased wages
Fox 61 News, 1/14/2016

The Care Gap
Dissent Magazine, 1/6/2016

Report: $15 minimum wage will boost wages by $15B
Newsday, 1/5/2016

New Minimum Wages in the New Year
The New York Times, 12/26/2015

Only in America: Four years into life, poor kids are already an entire year behind
Washington Post, 12/17/2015

How A $15 Minimum Wage Took Over The Democratic Party
ThinkProgress, 12/9/2015

Child care workers join those demanding higher pay
KCTV, 12/8/2015

Day-Care Costs Can Drive a Family Into Poverty Before a Child Reaches Kindergarten
The Nation, 12/7/2015

Child care workers petition the state for $15 per hour, affordable child care
KSHB, 12/7/2015

Child Care’s Broken Promise: Parents Want Solutions
Equal Voice, 12/1/2015

Even Conservatives Think The U.S. Is Failing On Day Care Support
Huffington Post, 11/30/2015

Stronger Unions Are the Way to Rebalance Our Economy
Newsweek, 11/27/2015

$15 minimum voting bloc takes shape: Brazile
USA Today, 11/23/2015

Raise up movement for higher wages shows no signs of slowing
The Charlotte Post, 11/21/2015

No, Donald Trump, The Free Market Can’t Solve The Child Care Crisis
Huffington Post, 11/20/2015

Budget-Busting Childcare Costs Are Talk of the Campaign Trail
Bloomberg Politics, 11/19/2015

An Iraq War veteran who works at KFC nails the minimum wage debate
Business Insider, 11/18/2015

Why Child Care May Get More Attention in 2016
Time Magazine, 11/17/2015

Fight For 15 Goes On In Hartford
Hartford Courant, 11/12/2015

A worker campaign is shifting the 2016 debate around the minimum wage
The Washington Post, 11/11/2015

Fight for $15 rally in Tampa part of a bigger social & living wage movement
WMNF, 11/11/2015

Child care costs too high for average family budget
Fox32 Chicago, 11/11/2015

How the fight for $15 is uniting Latinos, blacks and whites in a movement the nation should pay attention to
Fusion, 11/11/2015

Most child care workers can’t even afford care for their own children
Economic Policy Institute, 11/10/2015

Cuomo to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 for All New York State Employees
The New York Times, 11/10/2015

Fight for $15 | Fast-food, child care workers to protest outside Cleveland City Hall
NewsNet5 Cleveland, 11/10/2015

Kansas City Child Care Workers Join Fast-Food Workers In Fight To Raise Minimum Wage
KCUR, 11/10/2015

Childcare Workers Make 40% Less Than the Nationwide Median Wage
The Nation, 11/9/2015

Fast-food workers plan new strike, aim to sway election
USA Today, 11/5/2015

Why Childcare Workers Are So Poor, Even Though Childcare Costs So Much
The Atlantic, 11/5/2015

Typical child care worker paid less than dog trainer
CBS MoneyWatch, 11/5/2015

The People Who Do One Of The Most Vital Jobs Only Earn Poverty Wages
ThinkProgress, 11/5/2015

Child care workers urge for $15 hour under new Virginia child care plan
WVTR, 11/3/2015

Economists are starting to warn about the risk of a new U.S. recession
The Washington Post, 10/23/2015

Labor unions aren’t just helpful — they might be ‘necessary’
Business Insider, 10/25/2015

A $15 Hourly Minimum Wage? Some Jobs Are Not Worth Doing for Less
Newsweek, 10/20/2015

Child care costs more than college in these 24 states
MarketWatch, 10/13/2015

Parents Who Need Child Care the Most Can’t Afford to Pay for It
The New York Times, 10/6/2015

Childcare Costs Even More Than Rent in Most of the U.S.
BloombergBusiness, 10/6/2015

The staggering cost of day care when you make only the minimum wage
The Washington Post, 10/6/2015

California’s early ed workers struggle to stay afloat
EdSource, 9/21/2015

How Child Care Is Becoming A Crisis In America
ThinkProgress, 9/11/2015

The Minimum Wage: Getting to $15
The New York Times, 9/4/2015

A Happy Labor Day—Really
The American Prospect, 9/3/2015

Cicilline stands with child care providers
RI Future, 9/3/2015

Childcare Workers Campaign For Higher Pay And Cheaper Childcare
BuzzFeed, 9/2/2015

Fight for 15 activists and elected officials discuss low wages of child care workers
WMNF, 9/2/2015

Ed Narain among local officials supporting SEIU Fight for $15 campaign for child care workers
SaintPetersBlog, 9/2/2015

Low-Income Workers See Biggest Drop in Paychecks
The New York Times, 9/2/2015

Detroiters Petition for Higher Wages for Child Care Workers
WDET, 9/2/2015

The Unusual Alliance Trying To Fix America’s Broken Child Care System
ThinkProgress, 9/2/15

Teachers Shouldn’t Teach for Free
Slate, 9/1/2015

D.C. Is One Of The Most Expensive Places In The U.S. For Child Care. But Why?
WAMU, 8/28/15

How much money do U.S. families need to get by?
CBS MoneyWatch, 8/26/15

Labor Secretary Tom Perez To Join The Fight For $15
The Huffington Post, 8/24/15

Caregivers deserve a living wage
The Detroit News, 8/19/15

Fight For $15 Heads To Day Care As Event Airs ‘Shameful’ Pay Levels
Hartford Courant, 8/18/15

The True Cost of Childcare
News8 WTNH, 8/18/15

This Is Why You Should Care About Child Care (Even If You Don’t Have Kids)
Forbes, 8/18/15

Hamden group fights for affordable child care, living wages
New Haven Register, 8/18/2015

Despite tales of underemployed baristas, it still pays to get a college degree
MarketWatch, 8/17/2015

Child Care Advocates, Elected Officials: Time To Up The Pressure On Rauner Over Budget Cuts
Progress Illinois, 8/14/15

Median por trabajadores del cuidado infantil
Vivelo Hoy, 8/13/2015

Surging Childcare Costs Are Hurting More and More Americans
BloombergBusiness, 8/12/15

Illinois lawmakers consider undoing Rauner’s child care cuts
WGN, 8/11/15

Raimondo, SEIU reach 2-year agreement on child-care workers’ wages, reimbursements
Providence Journal, 8/7/15

The surprising number of parents scaling back at work to care for kids
The Washington Post, 8/6/15

VIDEO: 11 Alive News at 5
WXIA (NBC) [Atlanta], 8/5/15

VIDEO: ABC11 Eyewitness News at 4:00pm
WTVD (ABC) [Raleigh-Durham], 8/4/15

Childcare Workers Want Higher Pay And Cheaper Childcare
Buzzfeed, 8/2/15

How Childcare Actually Causes Poverty in America
The Nation, 7/31/15

The surprising life of a childcare worker
Miami Herald, 7/31/15

Boston fast food, childcare, homecare workers rally for $15 wage
Bay State Banner, 7/30/15

Child Care Providers Demand $15-An-Hour Pay
Forbes, 7/29/2015

Durham Workers Continue To Rally For $15 An Hour
WUNC, 7/24/15

The next big liberal cause: universal child care
The Washington Post, 7/6/15

California advocates still pushing to unionize child care providers
The Sacromento Bee, 7/5/15

Child Care Is Biggest Expense For A Growing Number of Families
Forbes, 6/29/15

For many Alabamians, child care costs more than the mortgage
Alabama Media Group, 6/24/15

Chicago Activists Say City’s $10 Minimum Wage Is Not Enough, Decry Rauner Cuts (VIDEO)
Progress Illinois, 6/23/15

Fourteen arrests at California protest in support of childcare reforms
The Guardian, 6/4/15

Protest shortfall in funding for child care services
Belleville News-Democrat, 6/4/15

Clinton visits Chicago, links better child care to restoring middle class
Chicago Tribune, 5/20/15

Hillary Clinton brings presidential campaign to Chicago
Chicago Sun-Times, 5/20/15

Child Care Isn’t Just a Personal Problem. It’s an Economic One, Too.
New Republic, 5/14/15

The fight for $15
Tampa Bay Tribune, 4/21/15

How Tasharro Harris, a Child-Care Worker Who Can’t Afford Her Own Child Care, Does It
New York Times, 4/15/15

Fight for higher wages gains new recruits
CBS MoneyWatch, 4/15/15

‘Fight for $15’ protests: why they’re about more than fast-food wages
Christian Science Monitor, 4/15/15

“We have strength in numbers”: How the Fight for $15 will transform the 2016 debate
Salon, 4/15/15

These workers are striking for $15 an hour
CNN Money, 4/14/15

Child care workers join fast-food workers’ fight for $15 an hour
Fortune, 3/30/15