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Child Care Workers Deserve a Raise

Child care workers across the country struggle to make ends meet. Parents need quality, affordable child care.

That's why people who care for children are coming together with parents to fight for fair pay and child care for all. We're standing together to demand more for everyone who works hard but doesn’t make enough to get by.

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I think it's wrong that people who care for and teach kids all day as their job aren't paid enough to provide for their families. Child care workers deserve at least $15 per hour so they can care for and educate the children in our communities.

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VIDEO: Trump’s child care plan falls short

Earlier this year, we exposed Trump’s child care plan for what it really is: a tax giveaway to wealthy families. Now, the administration is saying they heard our criticism and are proposing changes to make it “better.” Don’t believe them. It’s more smoke and mirrors from a dishonest administration.

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