Oregon mother and Fight for $15 activist Rachel Jesequel discusses child care affordability, raising wages for workers

Rachel Jesequel, a mother from Oregon, understands our broken child care system and the effect it has on both workers and families. After working in retail and office jobs in the past, she now stays at home while her husband works because the cost of finding care for her two young children is astronomical.

In fact, it would cost around $21,000 dollars a year. For Jesequel, this is too much for her family to handle. “My wages would not even cover the amount the child care costs in a month, let alone break even,” she said.

However, it’s not just about affordability for families, child care reform must include raising wages for child care providers. The gender wage gap puts working mothers, especially women of color, at a disadvantage and she wants to make sure that all families don’t have to worry about affording the basics.

“I had to replace a windshield a couple of weeks ago and it took me a long time just to save the few hundred dollars to fix it…When you’re not able to make ends meet, these little things feel like the end of the world because you don’t know where you’re going to find the money,” she said

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