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For Workers

FL_Tampa_CC_21-1024x769We care for other people’s children, but we can’t afford to provide the basic necessities for our own children.

It’s not right, and we have to change that. That’s why we’re fighting for $15 an hour and union rights so we can support our families, provide the best care possible, and build a child care system that works for all families. We hope you’ll join us.

Truth is, many of the families we provide care for are struggling to survive on low wages too. They can’t afford to pay more. We know that. That’s why we feel such a deep connection with fast-food and retail workers who are trying to make ends meet and take care of their families like us. And that’s why we’ve joined with underpaid workers across the country fighting the same fight for wages we can all actually live on.

We’re joining together with parents in a national movement to win the funding to support a great early learning system for parents, kids, and workers.