Child care providers like Bethina Redd continue the struggle for higher wages, benefits

Bethina Redd, child care provider and Fight for $15 activist from Chicago, loves her job, but worries about affording things like rent, medical expenses and even child care for her own two kids. She has never made more than $13 an hour and paying for things like school field trips can bring unneeded stress. “It’s hard to pay for anything,” she said in an article by What to Expect.

Raising the wage for child care providers would make a real difference in people’s lives and would allow many to stay in the jobs they are passionate about rather than seeking employment elsewhere. According to Bethina, making at least $15 an hour would not make her rich but “At least it would help me pay some bills on time.” She is determined to keep fighting for a better future for her family and her co-workers.

Luckily there is help on the horizon. The Child Care For Working Families Act, introduced earlier this fall by Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Bobby Scott, is an important first step to creating a child care system that works for everyone. By investing in quality care, lowering costs for parents, and raising wages for providers, working families would finally get a break they desperately need.