Child care providers are struggling

Dawn O’Neal is child care provider in Atlanta who makes $8.50 an hour. Low wages mean that every month she struggles to make ends meet. She’s in the Fight for $15 to build a better child care system for providers, parents, and kids.

Dawn’s story:

It’s hard. At the end of the month, I have to make a choice on what I can buy with what I have left. Do I buy food or an asthma pump? Everything I make is basically going just to survive.

We’re just asking for the right to live a full life. Just to be able to take care of our family. Just to be able to take care of our medical needs. We just want to live better lives. We want to be paid what we’re worth.

What would $15/hour mean?

Our communities would be better. Our families would be better. We all want to live the American dream. We want to take care of our children and grandchildren.

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