Child care provider Ingrid Henlon highlights the need to invest in quality child care, increase wages for workers

Given their job requirements, child care providers like Ingrid Henlon are underpaid and underappreciated. With limited avenues for wage growth, passionate child care providers are forced to work two or three jobs to makes ends meet; others must utilize public assistance programs. The hardships force others to leave the profession altogether. Providers who choose to obtain higher education degrees to fulfill requirements, improve their skills or to improve their earning potential often fall deeper and deeper into debt when existing wages are so low.

Ingrid Henlon, who works in Hartford, Conn., has been in child care for 27 years. Despite her degree, she still doesn’t make enough to get by and works a second job. She is also thousands of dollars in debt due to the high cost of higher education programs. Investing in our child care system is the only way to make sure that child care workers can make a living wage and don’t have to worry about how they will afford the necessities.

“To be honest, at this moment, I’m not even managing, it’s like paycheck to paycheck,” said Henlon.

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